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I just had a humiliating experience at the YMCA at Bethesda Chevy Chase, Maryland location.I am disabled and of low income.

I had returned with info and asked to speak in private and had my information regarding my disability monthly payment on my computer, due to medical circumstances beyond my control, could not print out. Not only did they not allow me to speak to protect my privacy they made no accomadations for my disabilities or medical reasons. They all came out in a public forum so that members of the Y witnessed this and discussing my situation in front of them. Not only was I embarrassed by these employees but pretty sure my rights under the American Disabilities Act were violated.

I was treated not only unprofessionally but harrassed as many, 5-6 employees one by one, none offering to accommodate or help me. What a disgusting display by an organization said to help people. I have been disabled since 1998 and have NEVER experienced treatment like this! I have always been treated respectful, with any help needed.

I have never been to a Y in my life and very sad that there is so many things that could help make me stronger, the staff, abusive.Something needs to be resolved because I will do more than this short complaint.

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Go to a lawyer like i did.


I am disabled and had a similar experience @YMCA in Charlotte, NC DOWD location. Please call Alisa (706)350-2550.

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