We were advised to try a one-month membership back to late May this year.Due to our busy schedule, we had never been there once.

It was fine to waste the money because of our schedule. But I just found out this October that they are still charging us. The YMCA told us that we signed a contract that requires we must come back to cancel the membership. However, we have never heard about this requirement from its staff when they tried to get us as their customers.

We were totally pissed and angry with them. Probably they leave small texts saying about the cancellation requirement but their staff apparently ignored their responsibility of reminding customers.

We finally wasted $300-400 totally for learning a unpleasant lesson.Due to their harshness during my conversation with them, I will never do business with them and will advise friends to avoid them.

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They did the same thing to me and charged me two more months for without cancellation.


Experiencing the same issues in Red Bud. They put everything in a smaller print, then when the people are going over it with you acting like they told you how to cancel. They have poor training of individuals and fail to do good business.


I'm going through this right now.Membership was a requirement for my son to attend their daycare.

I needed it only for the summer. Just noticed it's being automatically charged on my credit card still. Called to cancel and they said I need to go there in person.

I'm a single mom in grad school, paying $15/hr for childcare, and needing to take the time and extra babysitting money to drive 35 miles to cancel what I haven't been using in months and months.I will do what I can to spread the word about their crappy customer service from this day forward.

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