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North royalton program director Kevin is probably the worst director that I have seen in my 50 years. He is cocky, rude and sits around with an older worker in his 50s as young kids workers try their best and fail. Then he blames them for the short comings. We and other families have watched this for youth programs and been very disappointed. Many families have left the ymca and other want to but are not many options without driving 10-15 extra... Read more

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  • Nov 08
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Not happy with them at all :( terrible service at the y in east York pa

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Ymca Customer Care Review from Chicago, Illinois
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So this female you see in this picture , gave me soooo much attitude ... I came with my whole family and they told me that I couldn't go inside because I didn't have a hair cap. This is the first time they have wver said anything , also in their pool regulations it doesn't say it's mandatory. The funny thing is that they blame us for stuff and look at the employees she went inside and dunked her whole head probably full of lice inside . She had... Read more

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I have been a member and participant in the YMCA since childhood. I have had more than one altercation with the management here regarding unsubstantiated reports from the staff. I have to say, I have always tried to abide by the rules and appreciate the values that the YMCA purportedly engenders. I have had several disturbing encounters here. As a genuinely good and fair minded individual, I find some of the actions of this non-profit... Read more

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There is this guy named raleigh (He literally is from Raiegh) won't stop being meanandcalling me Undercut... He stole peoples phones when they weren't even out. He literally went to college and got his masters in SOCCER BALLS!!!! I MEAN CMON CUUH. #trash There also is thisgurl who's name I don't even know, but she yells at us every five seconds to "Take a Seat" even though everyone is sitting. Also, there is this one guy named Malachi who is... Read more

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Ive been a ymca member for 4 years paying for a service of $100 a month and today in salinas ca i was mistreated by Angela in salinas ca she was short tempered and short with her words in front of Ymca members i went to cancel my membership today i pay for a service iam not getting the y facility is filthy the smell of urine and brown water in the syeam room and equipment that is always broken and sauna being cold 120 degrees and yhe Jacuzzi... Read more

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Really wish I could go lower for this location, this one the people are very unprofessional. When you enter they don't speak, I go a lot and I can say 1 younger black guy that's works in afternoon is friendly, a maintenance guy and a trainer. However everyone else is rude have to make them speak or they are sitting in corner giggling and not interacting with there customers. Thought this one had changed but I think I will be going to others... Read more

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  • Sep 27
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You better not have a special needs kids who wants to play basketball. If you do and they are on the team then they will allow bullying and be asked to switch teams so the other won't bully them.

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Went to the shop on 12 . 9 16 as i saw a foot stall in window and wanted to know if they delived she said yes as the item was only 5.pound she said she would deliver on tues the 13 September i waited it did not turn up so i went to shop on 15 sep she said she had tryed to cll severel times i told her to check the number but she could not find paper work she said she would deliver again on the Thursday but still it didnt arive so i was going... Read more

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This place was so bad, I quit twice. As the old saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... I will never support them or their lame programs again. Basically they just took our money and treated us like *** when we joined Adventure Guides. Other members have left for the same reason: being treated like an afterthought, an unwanted stepchild. Our 'mentors' were NOT supportive or particularly welcoming, in my opinion. I have NO... Read more

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