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The Ymca located in Fairless hills are the worse the Staff's, the Director's and the Chief Officer there all are have the same goals and agenders which is to micro manage the 2016 Summer Camp like if its a miltary camp in forms of graining the fun and knowledge out of the Campers by giving them the worse and unimagine horrible experience there. My kids was bully, hit punished called every name but their given names told to sit in 90 plus degree... Read more

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Not a day goes by when the news isn't publishing something regarding trans gender bathroom issues. These are different times. But for some reason the YMCA at Langham Creek in Houston TX DOESN'T SELL FEMININE PRODUCTS? What year is it again? Does it go against some Christian value? Is it too shameful? Women have been getting their periods since the dawn of time, it's the reason we're all here. New York is asking for FREE feminine products! All I... Read more

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Houston Cypress Creek YMCA YMCA books and sells facilities out from under members. Be it the swimming pool or GYM. Personal trainers, U.S. Navy, Methodist Hospital to name a few.... Swim lessons from 4:45pm to 7pm Each day. Difficult for working people to use the facility if not at 5am or after 7pm. How many of these groups are paying members? YMCA books and sells facilities out from under members. Be it the swimming pool or GYM. Personal... Read more

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  • Jul 18
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BASKETBALL goal detachable dropped on grandson's head

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I do my 4 exercises of 3 sets of leg lifts in about 15 minutes generally. Starting out after my first set, someone else jumped onto the only leg press machine and started doing super slow rep sets of 50. She was looking to do 15 sets of 50 super slow ones. After 4 sets of them, I asked to work in. I was totally cursed out and berated, so I went to the trainer for assistance. They would not help in the least and threatened to kick me out. I... Read more

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From my experience at the YMCA started out pretty good. As time went on it changed. For starters the employers in Daphne, Al has the most nasty attitudes I have ever seen. For example, I brought my daughter to a work out room after a class ended. The instructor and another coworker was still in the room talking. I asked if there was going to be another class. The coworker responded with an attitudes. I ignored her and, started to work out. The... Read more

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YMCA Betty Ward Center in Abingdon MD. There are a number of members who primarily utilize the open gym to play basketball. I have observed the a number of the basketball goals raised up to prevent the goals from being used by paying customers. They are not broken or anything just to restrict the usage by members during peak hours of the day. This results in many of the members with small children to be shooting on goals with adults and... Read more

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  • Jun 28
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The ymca in east orange new jersey discriminates against kids withe add or autism I recently found out the y owes $63 since last year but when I register for summer camp I was not informed that they owed me money I still had to pay 150 for registration

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I'm not at all satisfied with their service. I enrolled my Daughter for the summer camp and told the management that we are enrolling her just for 1 week and if we like the service , we would continue her I found my child was sitting alone at corner and no one is bothered about my kid. I felt very bad for enrolling my daughter at YMCA and after 2 days we discontinued her, But YMCA charged me for two weeks and they staff told me that They don't... Read more

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  • Jun 21
  • #869255

I have my 7 years old daughter in summer camp 1st year and we not happy at all....bullying from kids and teachers (that is joke ,kids watching kids ) do nothing about it. My daughter walk out after me and they have no idea kid walk out...nobody sitting up front and watching the door. Look like it will be easy to steel a kid. 1st year here and last! Never again....for safety of my child.

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